What are we doing actually?


As now you're part of a team inside AIESEC, you'll be delivering exchanges and internships experiences directly. 

You can be assigned to OGX operations or ICX operations and this means you're going to work with different enablers and customers depending on the area and the product.


We offer three types of Cross-Cultural Exchanges:

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Global Volunteer (GV) - a 6 to 8 weeks social exchange and people can choose a SDG to work for in a volunteer social project.

Global Talent (GT) - a 6 months to 1 year internship exchange and people can work in companies in a paid internship project

Global Entrepreneur (GE) - a 6 to 8 weeks internship exchange and people can work in StartUps or companies in volunteer projects

And you, as a member, will whether receive people in your city (ICX) or send them to another country or territory (OGX) to live one of the experiences above.


OPEN: the EP (Exchange Participant) is subscribed to the Opportunities Portal.

APPLIED: the EP (Exchange Participant) applied to one of the opportunities in the portal.

ACCEPTED: The EP has been accepted in the opportunity.

IN PROGRESS: After beeing accepted, the legal processes are in progress (payment, contract, etc)

APPROVED (APD): Everything is in place. The EP (Exchange Participant) has been approved in all the steps and now it's time to program everything for the travel.

REALIZED (RE): The EP (Exchange Participant) arrived in the destination and started the project.


COMPLETED: The exchange experience of the EP is now completed.


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EXPA is the official AIESEC plaftorm. It's where every information and processes take place. All that needs to happen for us to deliver exchanges and internships, happens in Expa.

You can acess EXPA through this link: https://experience.aiesec.org/#/ - and you probaly know now why it's called "EXPA": short term for "experience".


EXPA is part of your routine now, so let's work foward to get used to it!

First, this is where you Login into your account - pretty simple right?

(if you don't have an account yet, ask your TL or VP for instructions on how to acess the platform).


  • Organizations: information about the organizations (stakeholders)
  • Analytics: Analyses
  • Your Name: Your Profile, your applications, help and Logout
  • AIESEC logo: return to Home Page
  • Opportunities: information about your Local Committee Opportunities and applications
  • People: information about the EPs

Depending on wich operational area you we're assigned too, you'll have to go to different directions inside the platform. Check out:

OGX Operations

Here, you'll have acess to every EP (Exchange Participant) that subscribe into the Opportunities Portal for your Local Committee.

  • My Committee"s EPs: you can see every EP that subscribed.
  • My EPs: you can see the EPs that you've been assigned as EP Manager
  • My EP's Applications: you can see the applications of the EP's that you've been assigned as EP Manager
  • My Committee's EP's Applications: You can see the applications for every EP's from your LC.

ICX Operations

Here, you'll have acess to every OP (Opportunity) your LC has for the trainees and the applications.

  • My Committee's Opportunities: you can see every opportunity you have in your LC
  • My Opportunities: you can see the opportunities you're assigned as OP Manager
  • My Opportunitie's Applications: you can see every application for the Opportunities you've assigned as OP Manager
  • My Committee's Oportunities Applicatons: you can see every application for your LC Opportunities.


Basically, in every page on EXPA you'll find filters you can use to make your work easier. They are very intuititve and really simple.


You just need to click on the options according on what stuff you're looking for. It would take forever to explain every aspect of the filters, but if you take some time to just go through them and explore the options you have, you'll learn really quickly how to use them.