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The Movement Starts In You!

Thank you for an incredible IPM 2017

Kick-starting the membership recruitment and marketing campaigns with Leadership

Hello Gen 17.20

2016 giving 2017 reason

2020 Could be yours 

Ushering In December

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Now Or Nevermber 

To get more details on the topics mentioned in the email, go to to the Lessons page and check out the output from the MCP-PAI Hangout!

October is done, make the next two months count

A Rant on Our People



As MCP, are you focused on your results? The bottom line for you and your entity is the growth of your operations and sustainability of your organization. Have you been paying attention to that? 

There are quite a few entities dropping in approves right now. If you're one of them or not, have you got down to why this is happening and inferred the reason for it? What have you been doing or not been doing that have give you the results you have so far? Have you paid attention to the 20% that gives you 80% of the results or have been lost in the 80% that looks cool and exciting but gives you just the 20% of your results. 

Where is your focus? 

What's the one thing that matters the most to you? If it's not growth or your entity and as a result of that the growth of your people, have you missed the point?

The more you grow the more you learn the better you gets as a leader. That's the third step on the leadership ladder. People follow you cause of the results you've produced- how are you supporting you people in producing the results needed right now?

The One Most Important thing for you!

Whats the one most important thing for you by the end of your term? I ran through a prioritization process and realized that it indeed was bring Clarity Of What we Do as AIESEC to the world and the network and I need your help in spreading the word. What's you one thing?


HOSTING a 1 on 1 instead of doing a 1 on 1

What's the PAI been up to?

The last week I spent in NYC attending the annual Nexus Global Youth Forum and meeting with some of our partners and stakeholders. I also got to hang out with Adry (MCP of AIESEC US) and the MC team. I've been slowing getting my "representation" boots on as PAI and seeing how they fit. Some of the cools things that I realized after the trip were the following

  • A lot more people know about AIESEC than we think!
  • We get so caught up with our everyday stuff that we forget that we are part of a pretty cool organization. As soon as I say," We're the world largest youth-led organization present in 120+ countries and territories  with over 40k volunteers who facilitate leadership development in young people as solution to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind's potential" BOOM! People are like," damnnnnnn, that's awesome! How can we work together" It's awesome how something that so normal to us now is so powerful when shared with externals. Go out there and try it yourself. You should look at their faces when you tell them we change the leadership of the entire organization every year and we're been here since 1948. 
  • There are so many cool people out there fighting for a better world and peace. We get caught up with our everyday struggles and forget that together with others out there we can truly achieve the vision. 
  • And finally, it's not our 'WHY" that makes us unique, it's 'WHAT' we do that makes us unique. The sooner we realize that as AIESEC the more we'll focus on the things that matter. 

All in all, it was a great trip and from here I'm heading to Manila, the Philippines to speak on a panel at the Asian Development Bank's Annual Asian Youth Forum where the theme of the conference is " Youth For Global Goals", How cool is that???  and from there head to IC, Poland.

Can't wait to see you all! 


PS: Start working on building your immune system for you and your team before coming to IC so they don't fall sick during the conference. I've been giving my team Vitamin C tablets :P 


What's the PAI been Up to?

Do you remember when you were a kid and were training to ride a bike? And then as you got better your friend/mom/dad/trainer let of the training wheel and their support and just for a second you started to wobble but then realized you got this and then never stopped cycling? 

Well, that's kinda what it's been feeling like over the last week or so. The AI 1516 team has left completely and AI 1617 is running with the most important initiatives we think the network needs right now and the preparing for an insane IC. While the team has been forming itself and getting into a routine, I prepare to leave for my first trip as PAI to NYC to represent AIESEC at the Nexus Global Youth Forum. The event aims at connecting philanthropist and social entrepreneurs to make a larger impact in the world. I'm excited to see where AIESEC can fit in that mix. 

The office has also been getting a  hang of Snapchat and so here's the AI team snap code for you to follow what's been going on it office and what it's like working at the Global HQ of AIESEC. 

Will let you know if anything cool comes out of the trip! Until next time, Keep Hustling!


Follow the AI team on Snapchat

Follow the AI team on Snapchat

Straight from Planning, Behaviors & Values

What's the PAI been Up to?

Hi MCPs, Today is the last day of transition for the team. Above is a photo we took on the first day, time flies so quick. 

It's been an interesting couple of weeks getting to know my team and the individuals that make it. One of the big things that I've been focusing on is to ensure that we all understand that AIESEC and the team comes first over anything else and shaping the behaviors and the way we want to work on AI. For me personally, it's been exhausting and exciting at the same time. Sometimes it's surreal to see everyone in the same room, just thinking back that a couple of months ago I was elected and was selecting the team.  Overall, I'm happy and looking forward to planning  next week. 

Tomorrow, I leave for closing team days with the 15-16 team and bring my AI team 1516 experience to an end. It's always bittersweet in such moments but it's important to close one team experience in the best way possible in order to open up the other. I'm grateful for the year that has been. I've learnt a lot and looking forward to put into practice my learnings in 1617. 

In case you were wondering, the hosing situation is solved, we all have apartments and that's a good feeling to know that you're people are taken care off. 

That's all for now, will let you know how things go post planning. Until next time, remember, The Movement Starts in You!


PS: Don't forget to tell me how you're doing with the MCP mental sanity survey below :)

Follow our Snapchat journey!

Follow our Snapchat journey!

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