How to make Winter Cycle happen?

ONE OF the biggest question, which every MCP wants an answer to:
“How do I maximize my winter performance?”

In this video series we want you as MCPs to understand and explore statistics, E2E, Push Marketing and Lead Conversion. We have put down challenges for the you which should allow you to practically maximize your winter performance. It involves questioning and seeing your entity from a bird's eye view.


1)Have we grown or dropped compared to last year and what your targets are currently?

2)What insights are you observing from the statistics?

3)Which LCs are contributing more and which LCs should you put more focus on?

4)How do communicate your learnings to the LCPs and MC Team?

5)How will you continue to track this in the future?

6)Which product would need your attention? Why?

1)What onground marketing is happening on the LC level?

2)Is your content ready? What is your content strategy? Does your content talk how as AIESEC we develop leadership amongst the youth?

3)Which channels are working the best for you?



1)Which are the Entity partners have you Grown/Dipped with? Why?

2)How would you align with your partners?

3)Are your VP Operations aware of the same?


1) What is your current conversion ratio?

2) What have you learned from your customer interviews? What are the current bottlenecks of your customer? Is your content based on the insights of your customer?

3)Is your onground marketing complementing your online marketing?