The home entity has provided the AIESEC standards and the XPP in written format to the EP who acknowledges in a written format to have received, understood and accepted them.

1 ) While  providing S&S booklet and official exchange policies, we can inform them about their rights and our responsibilities. With that, everyone can be more clear and accountable to each other. It's especially important to provide official exchange policies it in written format and have agreement with our EPs in written format again for any case. 

2 ) Expectation setting meeting with home LC : We need to point out this is leadership development experience. There are JDs, working hours, standards. It's not a holiday.

3) Expectation setting with hosting LC : Before EP's departure, to have cross check based on JDs, working hours , S&S and inform EPs about arrival, accommodation etc. is highly important to make clear everything on their side + to make them feel secure :)