THE 2020 strategy aka ROADMAP - How was it created?

Step 1: After IC 2015 inputs were collected from the whole network on what should we focus on to get to the 2020 ambition (around 10000 AIESECers gave their input) 

Step 2: The input was consolidated and MCPs at the December summit worked on how to “strategize” it
Step 3: Based on the strategies a space was hosted for inputs at IPM 2016 with MCPs 1517 to break the strategies down into strategy lines and projects

Step 4: Consolidation of bigger focuses happened after IPM and more feedback was gathered.
Step 5: Improved and made the final roadmap with the Global Steering team 1617 

What are the 2020 strategies?

how will we achieve the strategies?


In order to answer this question, we created the Roadmap.


woah the roadmap looks so cool ^.^

Frequently asked questions:

We understand that there a lot of questions to be answered. Below are some frequently asked questions, we hope they help.

Q: What is the AIESEC 2020 roadmap?

The AIESEC 2020 Ambition gives us a picture of the AIESEC we want to become. The AIESEC 2020 Roadmap will provide clarity on things we need to focus on for the next 5 years and the expected progress every year towards achieving our 2020 Ambition ( the statements). The Global 2020 roadmap will include global focus areas for the next 5 years based on the statements with the suggested actions for AIESEC International and the entities. It will be broad for the entities to be able to customize it for their reality and implement it better. Every year it will be updated based on the external context and opportunities.

Q: Should we make our own roadmap?

The roadmap was created with the whole AIESEC network to ensure everybody's needs are reflected. It is a Global Roadmap, meaning that your roadmap is inside it. There is no need for new ones, instead we need to focus as one network on implementing the different projects.

Q: How can I align my entity towards AIESEC 2020?

The best way to do it is to launch the statements, host a conversation on the roadmap inputs and meaning behind the 2020 statements. Then pick the projects out of the global roadmap you want to contribute to as a pilot or innovator, and implement them in your entity. Finally, role model to the whole network how the roadmap projects can be implemented in a fast and value-added way.