The SDG Collaboration platform is here and it is waiting for you!

Hello network! 

In UN they believe Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved through collaboration. For this reason, they have launched the SDG Collaboration platform in which everyone can upload their video with their ideas for the Global Goals. How cool is this? 

The coolest part is that AIESEC is participating on that through you with your videos! As AIESEC aligning the Global Volunteer with the achievement of the SDGs and the project Youth4GlobalGoals, we are familiar with the goals and we can contribute with our ideas in order to be one step closer to the achievement of them! It is important for AIESEC to be there, to show to the world the power which youth have! 

Engage your EPs to upload videos during their internships and make sure that you or your EP will put in info about themselves that they are from AIESEC or participate in AIESEC project. Don't worry about making a super high- quality videos, you can share videos ecen shot on your phone! 

How are you going to use this platform? 

Step 1:  AIESECer #1 chooses the " Share stories" section. 

Step 2: Uploads the video sharing his/her story.

Step 3: The network on the platform will receive a notification for new videos. They will watch it and they will vote it off they like it.


Summing Up: 

Tips for the video: 

  • Remember, the UN platform is an external channel, so in the story, you need to mention AIESEC 
  • The words will be simple and everyone can understand eg. no one can understand the "oGV" but they can understand the volunteering exchange program. 
  • Share the news with everyone!