Youth Speak Survey data

Hi everyone,

Over the last month, we were checking legal process to share YouthSpeak data with the plenary. As we are bound by EU Data Protection Directive, we will not provide access to FluidSurveys for the entities. You can find the whole data in the excel file below which you can filter for your entity. 

There is 1 question which asks participants to leave their emails if they are interested in receiving more information and the full report. This is considered to be personal data which can not be disclosed to the members outside of the entity of origin. For the entity to receive the emails it is required to sign a volunteering confidentiality agreement for us to send the emails of your entity.

If you are interested in receiving this data please fill the form below with a data management agreement signed and attached (can be found in the folder below).  


Approach Tanya AIVP PR at, Petros GST Y4GG at if you have questions

We will keep you updated with the results & thank for your patience