OECD Forum 2017

Hello dear network, 

the OECD Forum 2017 is here and it will take place on 6-7 of June in Paris. 

The 2017 Forum will place a central emphasis on the need for policies winning back the confidence of those who feel left behind, fearful of the impact of globalization, increasing migration flows, and the unprecedented speed of technological development. 

If you want to participate, click below for learning more! 

WorldMerit360: Apply now!

360 Changemakers from all over the world working together on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our partners  World Merit, an amazing charity that works all over the world, providing opportunities to young people who want to make a difference. They offer life-changing programs, designed specially for passionate young leaders who are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal - because that's their mission: they plan on changing the world at the same time they change people's lives!

Right now, the applications are open for their flagship program. WorldMerit360 is a one-year program that offers you a lifetime connection, by bringing 360 people from all over the world together. The delegates will meet for 12 days in the United Kingdom, from August 26th to September 6th. There will be 17 facilitated groups (one group for each Sustainable Development Goal), working on Action Plan 003, which will be presented at a prestigious venue to influential people in London at the end of the program.

Spots are filling up soon.


Please, contact merit360@worldmerit.org if you have any questions.

Have a great week!


Dear network,

Here is an important update about YouthSpeak Survey: starting from today we are using a new platform for YouthSpeak Survey management. The decision to migrate was taken and communicated to the network in February because FluidSurvey didn't accept prolongation of the existing subscriptions (they are acquired by SurveyMonkey).

We have migrated to QuestionPro were the survey has been already hosted. Starting from today your entities need to use the new link from QuestionPro because we will not be downloading data from FluidSurvey.

The new link for the survey: http://yss.questionpro.com

The link to entity data: https://goo.gl/NQgDFa

The data is in the form of raw responses filtered based on Q30 'Country of Residence'. The file '0.Report per entity' has a consolidated data in a form of the report for each entity. You can use this file not to do the calculations but to have ready statistics. Raw data files are there to get insights on open questions in the survey + emails of people. A time period of responses February 2016 - 30 April 2017.

Action steps:

  1. Update link in all the external channels for your entity.
  2. Download the data for your entity.

The previous platform is still working but make sure to switch for the new one in the next few days.

B20 Competition is open for AIESECers!

Our world is facing tremendous challenges: diverse social and economic dynamics, inacceptable inequality within and among many countries, climate change and depletion of natural resources, terrorism and interstate conflicts. But there are also great opportunities: new digital technologies could allow for greater inclusion of people, innovation in health could help eradicate diseases, green technologies could boost economic growth and slow down climate change. We will only be able to tackle these challenges and seize the opportunities if we work together – towards a future-oriented economy that is built on resilience, responsibility and responsiveness.

What is your vision of a future-oriented, sustainable economy? How can it embrace resilience, responsibility and responsiveness? How can we overcome today’s economic challenges and at the same time seize these opportunities?

You are under 27 years old and eager to show your vision to the international business community and win a trip to the B20-Summit in Berlin? To join the poster competition, send us your vision as a poster and twitter statement (#b20) by email. The poster competition is organized by the Business 20 (B20), the official engagement process of the G20, and G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (YEA).

The motto of this year’s B20 Summit is:

Resilience, Responsibility, Responsiveness – Towards a Future-oriented, Sustainable World Economy

Be creative! You can use painting, drawing, photography, digital, mixing techniques or any other form of graphical representation to illustrate your vision.

On May 2nd and 3rd , the B20 Summit will be the highlight of the B20 process. During this two-day high-level event, around 800 B20 affiliated CEOs and representatives from government and international organizations will meet in Berlin to officially handover their recommendations to the German Chancellor and G20 Chair Angela Merkel. The winners of the poster competition will be invited to the B20 Summit on May 2nd and 3rd in Berlin and they will be awarded with a prize money. Their posters will be exhibited at the summit venue and they will be honored by the B20 Chair and the G20 YEA President.

Please submit your poster until March 31st 2017 to poster@b20germany.org. The entry conditions

Join the Global Money Week!

Hello dear network! 

Global Money week will be held on 27th of March till 2nd of April.  The theme of this years Money week is: Learn. Save. Earn. 

The goal of the week is to create the awareness about finance and entrepreneurship through events and activities held in your country! 

All the above, provide an overview of the Week, and how to ensure that children and youth in your community participate and learn more about finance and entrepreneurship! 

If you want to participate in the week, you can read the toolkit above and fill the interest of participation form.