B20 Competition is open for AIESECers!

Our world is facing tremendous challenges: diverse social and economic dynamics, inacceptable inequality within and among many countries, climate change and depletion of natural resources, terrorism and interstate conflicts. But there are also great opportunities: new digital technologies could allow for greater inclusion of people, innovation in health could help eradicate diseases, green technologies could boost economic growth and slow down climate change. We will only be able to tackle these challenges and seize the opportunities if we work together – towards a future-oriented economy that is built on resilience, responsibility and responsiveness.

What is your vision of a future-oriented, sustainable economy? How can it embrace resilience, responsibility and responsiveness? How can we overcome today’s economic challenges and at the same time seize these opportunities?

You are under 27 years old and eager to show your vision to the international business community and win a trip to the B20-Summit in Berlin? To join the poster competition, send us your vision as a poster and twitter statement (#b20) by email. The poster competition is organized by the Business 20 (B20), the official engagement process of the G20, and G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (YEA).

The motto of this year’s B20 Summit is:

Resilience, Responsibility, Responsiveness – Towards a Future-oriented, Sustainable World Economy

Be creative! You can use painting, drawing, photography, digital, mixing techniques or any other form of graphical representation to illustrate your vision.

On May 2nd and 3rd , the B20 Summit will be the highlight of the B20 process. During this two-day high-level event, around 800 B20 affiliated CEOs and representatives from government and international organizations will meet in Berlin to officially handover their recommendations to the German Chancellor and G20 Chair Angela Merkel. The winners of the poster competition will be invited to the B20 Summit on May 2nd and 3rd in Berlin and they will be awarded with a prize money. Their posters will be exhibited at the summit venue and they will be honored by the B20 Chair and the G20 YEA President.

Please submit your poster until March 31st 2017 to poster@b20germany.org. The entry conditions

Join the Global Money Week!

Hello dear network! 

Global Money week will be held on 27th of March till 2nd of April.  The theme of this years Money week is: Learn. Save. Earn. 

The goal of the week is to create the awareness about finance and entrepreneurship through events and activities held in your country! 

All the above, provide an overview of the Week, and how to ensure that children and youth in your community participate and learn more about finance and entrepreneurship! 

If you want to participate in the week, you can read the toolkit above and fill the interest of participation form. 

The SDG Collaboration platform is here and it is waiting for you!

Hello network! 

In UN they believe Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved through collaboration. For this reason, they have launched the SDG Collaboration platform in which everyone can upload their video with their ideas for the Global Goals. How cool is this? 

The coolest part is that AIESEC is participating on that through you with your videos! As AIESEC aligning the Global Volunteer with the achievement of the SDGs and the project Youth4GlobalGoals, we are familiar with the goals and we can contribute with our ideas in order to be one step closer to the achievement of them! It is important for AIESEC to be there, to show to the world the power which youth have! 

Engage your EPs to upload videos during their internships and make sure that you or your EP will put in info about themselves that they are from AIESEC or participate in AIESEC project. Don't worry about making a super high- quality videos, you can share videos ecen shot on your phone! 

How are you going to use this platform? 

Step 1:  AIESECer #1 chooses the " Share stories" section. 

Step 2: Uploads the video sharing his/her story.

Step 3: The network on the platform will receive a notification for new videos. They will watch it and they will vote it off they like it.


Summing Up: 

Tips for the video: 

  • Remember, the UN platform is an external channel, so in the story, you need to mention AIESEC 
  • The words will be simple and everyone can understand eg. no one can understand the "oGV" but they can understand the volunteering exchange program. 
  • Share the news with everyone! 



Youth Speak Survey data

Hi everyone,
Over the last month, we were checking legal process to share YouthSpeak data with the plenary. As we are bound by EU Data Protection Directive, we will not provide access to FluidSurveys for the entities. You can find the whole data in the PR folder. 

There is 1 question which asks participants to leave their emails if they are interested in receiving more information and the full report. This is considered to be personal data which can not be disclosed to the members outside of the entity of origin. For the entity to receive the personalized data it is needed to send an email request at least 2 weeks prior the time you will start analyzing the data.

If you are interested in receiving this data please approach Tanya, AIVP PR at tanyal@ai.aiesec.org.

We will keep you updated with the results & thank for your patience.

Stories wanted!

Hello PR network! 

Do you have any stories from your entity which do you believe are inspirational?

We are creating the bank of stories to produce content and pitch to the potential global media partners. That's why we are searching for inspirational, relatable stories from the network in their projects, alumni communities etc. 

It's time to make your thought reality, pitching the story that you have already in your mind! It can be anything- from volunteers to alumni stories in one condition it showcases what we do! 

The only thing that you need to do is to fill all the needed information in the form below and surprise us with the story! 


NBF Forun is searching for entities to contribute!

Hello PR network! 

An amazing opportunity ahead! NVF forum is searching for entities, preferably in Europe to partner with for an event in Finland. 

What do you need to do? 

Entities need to find a venue and promote the event which gathers top speakers and they will get the licence for free organizing their own event for 50- 100 people to Livestream them. 

For more information click here: 

The DDL to fill the form of interest is on 22/9 23:59 (GMT+2)