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And theN you go "X" with your arms for Excellent

  • Roll Call

Roll Call are huge things in AIESEC. Even if you don't like to dance, you'll end up knowing numberless dancing steps without even notice.

It all started in an IC (International Conference) a few years ago, when a MC team had this bright idea: instead of raising hands when their names was called, they started to dance

Well, we don't even need to tell you that this was a big sucess. Every entity after that wanted to have it own dancing steps and it became not just a fever and went viral, but it became part of our culture, and today Roll Call are seen as the identity of the entities and teams inside AIESEC. There are numberless Roll Call and you can find a lot of them on YouTube

Take a look in the AIESEC International 1617 Roll Call:


  • Sugar Cubes

In every AIESEC conference you'll make a friend that lives far away and you'll have to tell him goodbye eventually. This is kind sad, right? Departures and goodbyes are never good.

That said, we have something we call Sugar Cubes, and they are, literally, sweetiness in an envelope. You'll see in any AIESEC conference numberless envelopes with the name of everyone that is attending to that conference and you are more than invited to write down a special note for your new friend. Doesn't need to be necessarily your friend, it can be to anyone you fell like.

Just take some time of your day to go and write something sweet for someone you care about! And when you're heading home from the conference, feeling nostalgic already, you can open your envelope and see what people wrote for you :)

  • Battle Cries / Chants

At some point of your AIESEC life, you'll face something you don't quite understand right way: the battle cries or chants. But you must know what a battle cry is in gerenal, what you won't understand is what they're screaming. Like, perhaps, what you hear in this footage:

"H - O - T   T - O   G - O  AÚH! HOT TO GO! AÚH! HOT TO GO!"

This is only one example of a battle cry. You'll see a lot of them from now on. And it's like Roll Call: they are the identity of LCs, MCs, teams, or whatever group of people that are working for something in commom. 


  • Election announcements


As you may know, in AIESEC we have a lot of opportunities. When you encounter one that seems to be great for your self development, you can apply for it. 

After going through all the application processes, it's time for the most exciting, scary and crazy ELECTION ANNOUNCEMENT you will ever be part of.

Before evey announcement, we have some traditions. First, we start doing the "We Will Rock You" song beat as the GIF on right is showing. And that's when all the emotions build up. You start to feel your blood running, and your heart beating fast. And all you want in this moment is hear your name (in case you were running).


But, in AIESEC, we don't just say names.

tum tum pa.gif

Sometimes, we ALSO throw a water bucket over PEOPLE'S head OR throw PEOPLE in the pool.

(it can even be a cup, the important is that water is involved)


Either way, this is one of the most exciting moments in AIESEC, wheter you were running for the role or not.