GST BCXP 2017.1

GST for B2C, Digital Marketing and AI CEEDers


All CEEDer video opportunities have attendance to IPM covered (conference fee only which includes accommodation and food during the event), all the additional expenses must be covered by the CEEDer.

International Faci opportunity We Lead '17 AIESEC in Malta

Dates: January 30th-February 5th

Previous experience and background:
Conference Experience:
Facilitated a similar conference.(iTtTcertification an asset)
Attended IC or EuroCo2016
Language:English proficiency

AIESEC 2020 understanding
Elementary facilitation skills
Basic awareness of European reality and operations
Advanced knowledge of @WAY and @XP
Experience delivering LEAD

Faci opportunity in AIESEC Colombo South Sri Lanaka

AIESEC Colombo South,the LC Excellence award winner of the Asia Pacific Region 2016 is looking for international Facis for the LC conference LEAD CS 3.0.We are looking forward to have competent and well experienced facilitators who can make this conference a successful and memorable one.

Find the Faci book let link: