Hello MCVPs,

After gaining input to the Customer Flow from OSTs and MCVPs, we recognize that we needed to adapt one of the points under 50%: "Email Nurturing for Conversion".

As email is not universally preferred by young people, we took out "Email" from the Checklist and are left with simply "Lead Nurturing for Conversion". 

What does this mean for Marketing?

It is up to your MC teams to define what channel would work best for your Lead Nurturing strategies. Should you prefer email, you can continue with GetResponse - AI will still facilitate this. If you want to explore other options such as SMS lead nurturing, applications with push notifications or anything else, it is up to your entity to decide and manage the process.

At the end of the day, to cross off “Lead Nurturing for Conversion” on the CF Checklist, you must have a Lead Nurturing strategy in place managed and directed by the MC. And remember, in the ideal state, we are moving towards automation to digitalize and simplify this process. A Lead Nurturing strategy does not entail our LC members calling up leads - this is the operational step we are trying to avoid. It can happen, but it should not be your entire strategy.

We have also updated the CF Implementation Guide and Checklist. Check it out below:


Please kindly inform your MC teams to be aware, especially the CF Responsible in your team.

If you need to update the Customer Flow Dashboard in light of this, please ensure your MCP or MC responsible for CF fills this:


For any questions, reach Tam: