Let's Get real campaign


“Let’s get real” is our shoutout to reach young people with a message of see things as they actually are. We want to burst their bubble, let them know that life is not what is seems, at least not for all us, the 1.8 billion young people in the world. At the same time we want to drive them to take action on these issues.

We need advocates to make 1,000,000 young people aware.

Let's start by clarifying some your questions:


a) Why are we running this awareness campaign?

This is one of the most important commitments that made towards young people in September 2015 at the United Nations. Making sure that they know about the Sustainable Development Goals.

At the same time, to start building a community of people with common interest that can, and will, become our future customers. Keep in mind that they nee to know (be aware) in order to act (take an opportunity).


b) But what does it mean to be aware?

For young people to be considered aware, they need to know the following points:

The questions from the Awareness Survey will be based on the points of information from above.

The questions from the Awareness Survey will be based on the points of information from above.

c) How can I use the campaign?

Please follow the instructions correctly in terms of design (do not make additional modifications) and the captions that will shape the message that you want to give.

The campaign is meant for awareness, however, we are also giving the option to frame it in a way you can attract people to the opportunities portal. Each SDG's landing page will have the projects embedded from that specific SDG so when people get the information about it, they can click directly to an specific project or a link to the whole portal.


d) What do I need to do with my Entity?

Make sure that they have this information/materials about the campaign and it is just as easy as to:

- Change their profile and cover pictures with the caption of the SDG that they advocate to.

- Invite your friends to join by sharing the material from the AIESEC Global Page.