This is the memo section we will keep updating on what has been happening on LEAD pilot. If you are new to this page, it will serve you perfectly to find out what's going on for this pilot! 

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Purpose of Pilot

  • To transform AIESEC into an expert of developing leadership
  • To try different approaches of implementing LEAD
  • To role model and create learnings and lessons for the rest of the network to implement LEAD strategy

Expected Outcome of Pilot

  • Each entity will create a pilot report by the end
  • AI will create a pilot report compiling reports of all pilot entities
  • Constant progress update will be given on

October 7th

This week we looked into customer interviews and how to adjust our plans based on the interviews, we will be designing cool touchpoint from next week. Check out the memo below from MC Netherlands as Recap for what happened in week 2.

Some of the key findings we got from the customer interviews

September 20th

The week of selecting the pilot and setting round rules and expectations.

In the first meeting, we will discuss about the goal setting and choosing focus of the pilot based the value delivery bucket list. The follow up will include a 30 minutes 1 on 1 between the pilot responsible and  Chuck in the following week.

Some of the key findings

For the first meeting we will focus o the following points:

  • Update on AI direction for the project
  • Goal setting for pilot entities
  • Customer interviews

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