Standard 15 & 16

Leadership Development Spaces - lead


As we know, inside the 16 S&S, Standard 15 and 16 are defined as Leadership Development Spaces delivered by the host and home, respectively.

What we aim to do is to use LEAD to facilitate leadership development in the experiences we deliver.

In order to execute a LEAD strategy in your entity, the following 3 parts of LEAD should be carefully thought through.  



1. Let's start with the LEAD content

In the section below, we will be launching LEAD Content based on the 12 defining elements! All these contents are carefully designed by AIESEC International to ensure your entity at least have one global set of content to use. 


This is the first set of LEAD content developed by the AIESEC International Team. You can click on each of the images to a google drive where you can find the session materials in PPT, Keynote and PDF format. Supporting documents have been created also.

Some important notices:

  • The LEAD content is created for EPs. 
  • These LEAD content is designed for using in conference or seminars, however you can break them down into other environment such as one to one conversation or team activities using the same underlying concepts.
  • These LEAD content are not suitable to use for AIESEC Members, if you would like to use them for members, please adjust them.
  • The LEAD content provide a basic framework of how a LEAD session could be, however, in order to deliver them, your facilitator needs to make the content your own! That means practising on delivery, adding your own story and finding connection between yourself and the content.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What should I do with these LEAD content?

First of all, before jumping into facilitating LEAD, you should be aware of your LC/MCs overall Value Delivery Strategy or LEAD for EP Strategy. We shouldn't be making LEAD sessions for EP just for the sake of it. Through careful planning of the experience (or we also call it Experience Mapping), we can map out when and where we should be delivering LEAD. 

2. Should I design my own LEAD sessions?

Designing LEAD Content requires a lot of research and effort, we would only recommend you to do so if you have the capacity. Instead, what you can do is to go through the above LEAD content and see what are the adjustment you can make.

3. What about other skill and attitude development training I want to  give my EPs that are not mentioned above?

LEAD content is designed based on the 12 defining elements of AIESEC's 4 Leadership Qualities. For all other trainings such as presentation skill training or team work training, you should not include them in your LEAD strategy. Rather you can design another track of training and education based on your context.


2. Second step, how will I facilitate LEAD?

LEAD facilitation is an activity where EPM enables EP to go through inner and outer journey during the experience. AIESEC should create the space for LEAD delivery during all the experience of EP.

We have created a simple guide for EP managers to become a LEAD Facilitator.

3. Last step, exploring different LEAD environment 

In order to deliver the LEAD content, LEAD environment needs to be created. There are 6 different environments we generally come across.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 12.37.35 pm.png