2016.2 In Review: AIESEC in Tunisia and OGX FTW!

AIESEC in Tunisia team!

AIESEC in Tunisia team!

The most important thing for us was to never lose sight of what our customers want, sustain our OGX legacy, and most of all, focus.
— MCP of AIESEC in Tunisia

Another entity has made it to 2016.2 In Review list. It's AIESEC in Tunisia! They have tackled quite a lot of issues in the second half of 2016, from Supply and Demand issue to customer flow and entity partnerships stuff. But hey they made it through! Check their strategies out here on 2016.2 In Review: AIESEC in Tunisia!

The result is quite astounding. Here's the graph of their growth for the past 3 years:

Awesome feats! Keep up the good work and hopefully 2017 will be even better.