Ask Your AI Team Season 2 - Customer Flow Implementation Article

A sum up of Ask Your AI Team Season 2 and all the resources you need to have to fully implement the Customer Flow!

Roles I need in my LC to implement the Customer Flow


#1. Lead Nurturing -ensure your LC has a Lead Nurturing strategy.
#2. Opportunity posting - ensure that your opportunities have a clear description for a customer.
3. Value Delivery - ensure S&S, work together with your entity partners to make S&S happen and think about how EPs and trainees are receiving the defining elements.



I think we’re at 100% implementation, how can we know for sure? 


#1. Opportunity posting - are opportunities actually attractive and aligned to what our customers are looking for?
#2. Value Delivery - how are we going to make sure our EPs and trainees are actually receiving S&S?
#3. LEAD - how can we make sure people receiving this and gaining leadership qualities and elements we’re providing to them?


After sending people to an open platform, our conversion dropped, what should we do?


#1. Ensure lead nurturing because that is fundamental to keep the lead going through the flow and continue the process within the platform. 
#2. Ensure that your entity partners are posting opportunities aligned with the guideline. 


Deliver all 16 Standards & Satisfactions in every experience


#1. Education - does everybody in your LC understands the 16 S&S and do you keep everybody accountable for it?
#2. Tracking - how are you tracking that EPs and trainees receive it?


How can we build customer trust, if our interactions are virtual?


For trust it doesn’t matter in the way how you do it.  We're having both; virtual and physical. It's about asking yourself the question what is that experience that you want to go through? What is exciting and what is engaging for you? If we think in this way we'll understand who our customer is and what our customer is interested in.

Are you looking for all the resources that Tamara and Pipe talked about in the video? You can find it here!