Confused with IC Output? This will make your life easier :D

If I were you...

I wasn't attending International Congress, I will be super psyched to know and understand the most important message of International Congress, so I can bring back and turn the message into action for my local reality.


The moment that the output released, usually it's in a form of google drive where they have a lot of folders. Not only that, inside the folder, we can find another folder or a lot of PDF/Keynote/PPT files. Again, if I were you, I'll have this kind of mental barrier and rather than spending hours to read all of the output, I'd rather close it. And will start to open, find relevant output in folders, and read if I have some sessions related at National Conference that I need to deliver or when my MCP pushed me to implement certain things that require me to study more details.

But worry no more...

This article will help you to understand the important message of International Congress each day, so it's easier for you to find relevant materials and implement things faster.

okay, let's start from day 1...

In every International Congress, Day 1 is always about getting to know the context for the generation. Here's the highlight for Day 1.

Firstly, in every generation, we need to stay true to who we are, which is the AIESEC Way. It clearly states why we do what we do. Secondly, what differentiate us with other organizations are our uniqueness, which is what we do, delivering leadership development in every customer's experience. If we're not developing leadership in our experience, we're not delivering the AIESEC experience.

Thirdly, AI 1617 Team is delivering a strong message for the network through their team stand, that we need to stay true to our essence, not discouraged by our goal, have the freedom to fail and be fearless. And to become youth leadership movement, from now we need to start to build the foundation of success. How? Through executing projects based on the road map that the network has created.

day 2? it's Youth Speak Forum

what about day 3?

Day 3 sends a clear statement to the network that to be a youth leadership movement, we need to shape what we do around what the world needs. How?

On September 25th 2015, countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years. We align ourselves by letting our customer participate and help to achieve at least one out of 16 sustainable development goals through what they do in their exchange project. EXPA/our system has already enables us to create SDG aligned project. So, how can your entity's operation align to SDG? Firstly, the checklist on the left will help you to be align.

Secondly, ban Global Community Development Program or Global Citizen or any of its jargon and re-launch it as Global Volunteer product. Understand that we use Global Volunteer because we want to align ourselves with SDG and contribute to direct impact for sustainable development agenda, meanwhile getting stuck with GCDP or Global Citizen will hinder us because it has different value proposition.

what about day 4?

Day 4 is mainly about aligning network understanding on what used to be called "Team Member/Team Leader Program" to "AIESEC Membership" and "Global Internship Program" to "Global Talent". Why?

The key learning for membership: We realized that the understanding of our membership as a part of ELD or how we engage and develop people had hindered us from achieving more. We should re-think our definition of "inclusiveness" for our membership because, in order for us to engage and develop every youth, we need to place the right people, at the right time and in the right position.

The key learning for global talent: We are not an HR company. GIP gives that perception for the enabler and to our membership. That's why we need to change it and communicate the right value proposition. Now, it's called Global Talent. A product that provides professional development, cross-cultural experience, and leadership development. It's paid, ranged from 6-78 weeks, and need to be professionally supervised.

Peer-to-peer learning: Mainly talks about the transformation of marketing role into customer experience and learning how some entities are doing it. Same thing as membership.

B2B P2P Agenda

B2B P2P Agenda

B2C P2P Agenda

B2C P2P Agenda

Membership P2P Agenda

Membership P2P Agenda

what about day 5?

Day 5 mainly talks about 2 topics.

LIVE AND LEAD. In order for us to lead in this organization, we need to have a continuous process of an inner and outer journey. These space enable people to experience inner and outer journey accordingly to AIESEC 4 leadership qualities, so they can host these spaces as well to their peer or team members accordingly based on the right experiences.

GROWING DISRUPTIVELY. To grow disruptively, we need to ensure that we are accessible to everyone and everywhere, our product and/or our reach. Now, we are making ourselves more accessible through aligning ourselves with external trends (start-up boom) and provide our customer a different experience with our new product, Global Entrepreneur, that provides different value propositions. Not only that, we are striving to be more accessible than ever through our channels/open platform and by this, we need to ensure our customer experience from the moment they are aware of AIESEC through our channels/open platform. This session provides simple checklist to indicate where we are in customer flow implementation (20%/50%/100%), provide action space for making implementation plan to be more intimate with our customer in financial model, align and automate our system with the new open platform model, and focus more on value delivery to enable brand advocacy.

what about day 6?

Day 6 is mainly about the process of hacking the big questions that the network have in order for us to move forward as an organization, where it require individuals collaborating in structured/framed condition and solve the problem together with their collective genius. There are 6 topics, as seen below.

what about day 7?

Day 7 is basically divided into 5 sections.

DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP This sections basically will give you a clear outline on how we can implement our unique value proposition as an organization: LDM, in daily basis and how can we implement it in our home entity.

GROWTH HACKING MINDSET In this part, we are given a lot of topics that hinder us from growing as an organization and with framed/structured process, we used our collective genius to solve the problems. The key takeaway in here is not just the solution, but also the mindset and framework to solve it.

ENGAGEMENT WITH AIESEC In day 7, engagement with AIESEC products are launched and introduced to the network, so we're all in the same page on its value propositions and its descriptions. There are two products so far for EwA, Local Volunteer and Youth Speak Forum.



GLOBAL PLANNING TIMELINE A powerful question when we ask ourselves as a network, "How powerful a global network can be when we align our timeline and be as one?" Also a clear call to action to implement all these changes now as a global network.



HACKATHON like in day 6, but with different topics.

what about day 8?

Day 8 is all about functional space. Well, can't mention all the things you can learn in different functions, so better for you to check the output for your related function directly :D

Also in day 8, we continue LEAD sessions with the same objectives as day 5.

what about day 9?

Lastly, day 9 is all about implementation plan. There's a lot of things that you learn and can't wait to bring it back to your entity, but of course, you need to have a same big picture as an entity and prioritize all of the action plans and breaking it down into small actions. In order for you to get the most out of this output, you can approach your MCP or MC who went to IC to understand more about the output.