Global Lead Conference 2.0 Registration

Because we are in the business of Leadership Development.
Let’s put Leadership Development back at the center of everything we do!


With this purpose in mind, AIESEC International has partnered with Dey Dos Popcorn Academy to put together GLC as one of our attempts to explore what LEAD could also be, and after the first three editions of GLC in 2014, 2015, and 2016, here we are trusting once more this space to bring forth LEAD to a whole new level.

The conference has been designed for you to (1) experience first hand how conferences could be designed under an innovative framework that inspire and encourages delegates to be engaged and feel ownership for what is happening to them and to the whole group, as well as (2) a space to equip you with what you need to foster LEAD implementation back home.

As AIESEC International, we highly recommend MCVP that is responsible for the following to register and attend GLC:

  • LEAD implementation for OGX / ICX
  • Customer experience
  • Overall quality responsible

The deadline for registration is 15th September 2016. So don't miss out!