Fearless Growth Hackers: Secret Recipe from AIESEC in Iran

Last week, AIESEC in Iran has shown some significant growth within one week. We asked their MCVP B2C, Diyara Massygutova, about the secret recipe - the key fearless things they did that enables them to grow. Let's check it out!


AIESEC in Iran is growing very fast from the previous term and our goal was to actually keep this growing process and make it more exponential. As my MCP is a very work oriented person, he was setting monthly goals for approves and realisations per month and using previous data in the worst (100% growth) and the best (300 % growth) case scenarios accordingly. As fast and efficient way to achieve our goals we started to run Matching Manias by the end of each month so we can close our monthly report in the best possible way. Based on the current supply we invited our entity partners to participate so the process was much easier and productive for both sides. 

One of the fearless key takeaways that we can relate here is to EXPECT THE BEST and never stop growing.

Another main reason of our success is focusing on providing functional knowledge to all our members hence that was the main priority of 2 national conferences before and after IC. 

Last but not the least, we started immediately to implement Customer Flow by changing OGX workflow, therefore we omit assessment centers and focused on EP Management system by providing individual approach for each EP who went on exchange, at the same time LCs had a lot of doubts with standardization of the whole process but in the end we all agreed that these changes will make us even more viral and accessible for every young person in Iran and in fact IT DID.

Perhaps, your entity will be next.
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