Racing towards 100% CF Implementation: AIESEC in Germany

We made customer flow implementation the most important project within the MC and entity, especially for oGV. It took the whole effort of the whole MC Team 1517, because after all, this is a continuous drive towards more and better leadership experiences.
— AIESEC in Germany

STEP ONE: Adapting to the first new customer flow
We've been working on the CF implementation since the launch of GIS in 2014. The whole entity put their trust on the system and started to implement it in our daily workflows. In this context, we easily implemented payment on approve and sign-up on OP.

THE CHALLENGE: Keeping the trust in the system by the network.

THE SOLUTION: Connecting the system to our national CRM (Salesforce) and enabling members to mainly work in there.

STEP TWO: Automating the Customer Flow
THE CHALLENGE: Centralization and alignment for automation, especially with offline/online integration.

THE SOLUTION: Each semester, we launch one big campaign centered around print materials and social media engagement built around that which more or less changes every quarter. Lecture presentations and info booths on campus use these print materials, which direct to
With GetResponse and its OP integration, we were able to implement a basic lead nurturing flow for outgoing Global Volunteer. We are currently in the process of adding up on this flow for all our programs with the goal to fully automate the consideration phase.

STEP THREE: Working for Value Delivery
High quality value delivery is actually very possible for us, yet does not happen consistently. We have technology and ECB ready to track standards and satisfaction. We are waiting for OP developments there to determine our next steps, as we would like to be able to also track NPS and LDA.

THE BIGGEST HURDLE TOWARDS 100% were local structural changes to CXP and the connected change management.

For LC VPs it is very easy to focus on the change instead of learning and changing while still doing operations. After initiating the change management process for oGV & oGT in Spring 2016, we realized it should have been handled with a lot more care and prior communication which we learnt from.

On the MC, we implemented the CXP structure with the election of the MC1617. One final responsible for the whole Customer Flow always making the best possible decision for the improvement of the customer journey makes everything much more simple and customer centric.

For sure it is not always easy, most of the times it is actually hard. The fight with technology, the funding, the local changes, OP development, ever new needed content, changing customer behaviors - you name it. In the end though, it is creating what we want to see: An AIESEC that is easily accessible and able to grow disruptively.
— AIESEC in Germany

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