How AIESEC for Sri Lanka Define Peace

Today is World Peace Day.

Think about that for a moment.

Because as a youth leadership movement that strives to achieve Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential, we have to ask ourselves what Peace means to us. Each one of us. And we have to know this.

Because how can you understand if you do not know?

Because by growing up in a country that was torn up by war and conflicts, living in a society ruled by fear because of prejudices and stereotypes, it makes realize how Peace as something so simple and elemental is at the same time so vital. And it’s worth striving for it, because by achieving it you know what it would mean for your society, your community, your family and yourself.   

Here is what it means to AIESEC for Sri Lanka


Peace, stability, human rights and effective governance, based on the rule of law are essential for sustainable development – this is what SDG 16 stands for. And this is a agenda we can relate to and as AIESECers act upon it. So here is what we did:

We believe that SDG aligned operations is the way to become the most relevant youth movement in Sri Lanka. This is why we aggressively pursued SDG alignment with our projects because it ensured greater societal impact alongside our core product – Leadership.

It also gave clarity and a clear purpose to our membership as we work together to achieve what our country needs the most. This is why SDG alignment is not just about being externally relevant but it is about doing purposeful work toward helping your country.

How we made it happen

AIESEC for Sri Lanka achieved the goal of aligning all our iGV projects to SDGs due to certain pointers that we were able to use for our benefit. In 15/16, the MCVP for IGV function had the chance to participate in the summit which was held in Philippines about SDG alignment and it gave us insight as to aligning our projects with SDGs. And the SDG framework created by them also aided us for a smoother transition for 100% SDG Alignment. He also conducted webinars regarding this matter for LCs and members as well.

Furthermore, we successfully gave separate trainings for LCVPs, TLs, and members and carried out separate sessions in every LC and asked LCs to design their current projects according to SDGs. They were asked to apply the framework for their current projects as well. Knowledge was also imparted on how SDGs should be mentioned in project proposals, promotional material and etc. 



♫But it's been no bed of roses♫  

But it's been no bed of roses



Even though it seems as though the change was easy there were several challengers we had to face as an entity. Change management was hard when it came to operations, HR management, Documentation, ER, Opportunity raising, and changing the mindset of members since the SDGs themselves were a new concept for them and the external knowledge about SDGs in the country was not very strong. 

There was no tracking system due to the fact that there was lack of knowledge on the whole process.


♫I consider it a challenge before the whole human race and I ain't gonna lose.♫  

I consider it a challenge before the whole human race and I ain't gonna lose.



However, we were able to mitigate these issues by introducing new structures for LCs regarding HR for it to become easy for aligning. We also carried out thorough info sessions for every level of membership and assigned tasks regarding aligning for NCT and specific managers


In the future we hope to create a tracking mechanism to track all the aligned projects to see whether our operations happen for the fulfillment of their specific target. And also a mechanism and strategies to utilize the alignment of SDGs for ER and PR benefits for the entity. 

Because we know what it means to us and Sri Lanka if we achieve these goals. And by aligning ourselves with them is the first step.

Today is World Peace Day.

Think about that for a moment.