Spain is aspiring to reach 100% on Customer Flow Implementation!

Since the 15.16 term, Spain has been working on making the necessary changes for full customer flow implementation because we knew that if we were going to really make an impact on our society, this was the way to do it. AIESEC exists solely for the good of our customers and society, so why weren’t they already at the core of everything we did?
— AIESEC in Spain

Miroslav from Spain is sharing with us about how Spain is aspiring to reach 100% implementation of Customer Flow. This is what he said:

Making these changes was neither comfortable nor easy, but we have been lucky enough to also have LCP classes that truly understand the importance of customer-centricity. It was their bravery and their initiatives that drove us forward.


We first changed our financial model to have EPs pay on approval; that was the obvious jumping-off point even if it caused us some financial insecurities at first.  Then we started ensuring that our external campaigns were not only drawing in customers, but providing them with the right information and resources from the start so that they could understand AIESEC as early on as possible. We brought on Get Response to start nurturing leads and providing support to customers at their speed through emails and an additional simplified digital experience. We’ve started restructuring our website to be more user-friendly and build a collection of resources to provide EP support online.

We still have a way to go and are constantly striving for full, and even beyond, customer flow implementation. Our LCs have taken the brave move to centralize our online presence. Our next step is to make our LEAD delivery strong as a way to improve the membership and exchange experiences. By these things and strengthening our ECB, we are always pushing for better. As long as we continue to put customers first, we know that we will always be pushing for better.
Congratulations AIESEC in Spain for reaching 50% stage on Customer Flow Implementation, and aspiring to reach 100%! How about your entity? Check it out below: