Project powered by Prysmian

This girl in the photograph is Raluca! She is the second person to go to another country in Project powered by Prysmian and realized with AIESEC! With this Project, Prysmian wants to provide the environment for 3 people travel to different into Global Volunteer opportunities and make the leadership each day more real!

Raluca is the second trainee going on an exchange with Prysmian support! She is in Santarem, Brazil, working in the Gaia Project and her goes some of her words with one week of the project done:

“Facing a different culture and different age groups with a wide range of need while trying to bring awareness upon environmental issues is by far the most challenging experience I have lived by now. But it’s up to us, to bring young generations a sense of responsibility and make them aware of their constructive power that they have on the planet we live in. During my first week of teaching I really became more self-aware and learned how face the challenges in working with children while trying to constantly adapt to the environment and learning the language for a better human connection. I had the chance to explore my abilities and improve my work each day in order to reach our goals, as a team, GAIA Team Project.”

Thank you, Raluca, for challenging yourself! In next weeks we will know more about Raluca’s exchange! Stay tuned!