Nicaragua, First to 100%

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“The only way to stay truly relevant within our market is to put our customers at the centre of all of our daily operations. Because of this, our products, our marketing, and our processes need to adapt and evolve to respond to the demands of our market. To ensure that we are adapting as necessary, we are constantly challenging our processes and asking ourselves, how can we make 100% customer flow implementation happen.

We have embraced the changes and a no excuses attitude to get to this stage. Customer centricity is key to achieving 2020 and evolving our customer flow is the first step
— AIESEC in Nicaragua

We interview Jorge about how Nicaragua achieved 100% customer flow implementation, this is what he said:

We have gone through a change management process since the 15.16 term. We have raised awareness within our LC's about being customer centric and we have trained them to ensure every step of the customer flow is happening properly. 

We managed to merge all the local fan pages on Facebook into one single national fan page so our marketing can focus on creating value in our content while promoting our website which directs the customers straight to YOP. We also use Instagram and Snapchat for attraction and Get Response as a tool to guide the customers in the process, so we designed a framework where EPs receive e-mails depending on the stage they are. 

Getting to this stage, hasn’t been easy.


We put our EP’s satisfaction as a priority for tracking the fulfilment of every SnS since an early stage with our entity partners by setting clear expectations with them and having an ECB in place to audit all this. We acknowledge that leadership development is what we do in AIESEC and the relevance of LEAD as a catalyst for making this happen, so we have been using the knowledge and experience of the MCVP TM to adapt these spaces and embed it into operations.  

Getting to this stage hasn’t been easy, especially because of the lack of knowledge, human resources and mindsets within the network, but we decided to take advantage of being a small entity as strength to make changes in an agile way. We have been learning from GCPs, AI resources and externals, we divided responsibilities in the MC team and NSTs, being the MCP the final responsible of tracking CXP and we have been changing the mindset of the network by showing the relevance of customer centricity, providing clarity and making sure that leadership development is the final outcome of our work.

Thank you AIESEC in Nicaragua for being the first entity to reach 100% customer flow implementation! Check where your entity is at here!