Have you thought about your structures for the customer flow?

Good Question!

Structures are one of the fundamental aspects of an organisation that will define whether or not your organisation will and can deliver your priorities.

When we look at our structures in AIESEC, it becomes clear what our focus and priority is.

Look at the two structures above. What do they tell you about the strategic focus of each company?

On the same line of thinking, we in AIESEC need to ensure that our structures and/or Job Descriptions are reflecting Value Delivery. 

In this article you won't find a direction for a particular structure or JD. But what you will find are tips. 

Tip Number One: Leadership Development

On a Local Committee level, how are you ensuring that you can support the delivery of standards and satisfaction to 100% of your EPs/interns and thus Leadership Development during their experience. Who is responsible for that? How is that working out for you? 


Tip Number Two: CXP

CXP is a responsibility not a job role.  The CXP job role can be embedded in one person, one team, or distributed amongst many people. The responsibilities of CXP include:

  • Ensuring the completion of the customer flow checklist.
  • Responsible for evolving value delivery beyond the minimum.

Tell us your ideas for structures or what you have already tried in the comments!