Beyond 100%

What's Beyond 100%?

Don't worry, after all that hard work it's not about leaving it all behind and saying

Because the thing is..

Customer Flow is a journey of being better and better for our customers.

So, what's Beyond 100%?

If you're already put value delivery at the core then you should look into:

iX1aINt (1).gif

aka. The Centralisation of your Digital Ecosystem.

This means:

  • The centralisation of your social media channels
  • Local Committees spending resources on improving and contributing to national content strategy.

Does Coca Cola has social media channels per city/university/state?

I tested it out...



But we do. 

There are also many other possibilities and ideas about how we can go beyond 100%

What do you think? How can we achieve a state where we are constantly becoming better for our customers? Leave your ideas in the comments below!