What does your "Locus of Control" says about you?

Believing in your ability to make a difference in the world means that you usually see the big picture and visualize how far the consequences of your actions can reach. You know what your role in making your community a better place is and you believe that you possess the skill-set that allows you to have a positive impact.

You want to change the world, but aren’t quite sure where to start? First of all, you have to understand yourself to change your environment, you have to know your LOCUS OF CONTROL, which describes the ways in which individuals connect responsibility for events that occur in their lives to factors within themselves and their control or to factors outside their control. 

A person’s locus of control is influenced by events in a person’s life, which may be accumulative or episodic. Accumulative are events that occur over a long period of time and involve continual exposure. Episodic are very important events that occur over a relatively short period of time. 

So, let's have a test where you can find your locus of control!

So, after knowing your results, here you have 6 mantras to develop your internal lotus of control:

1. I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES: Maintain a sense of optimism and trust in your abilities.


2. I CAN INNOVATE: Tune in into your creative side. Innovations often are developed in solving difficult challenges.


3. I CAN LEAD THE WAY: Learn how to maintain a sense of self-discipline, modeling ways to work effectively and efficiently.

4. I STAY PREPARED: Listen to reason. Hear what your detractors are saying. Innovate/plan/implement.

5. I PAY ATTENTION: Sharpen your communication skills. Whether through e-mail, face-to-face, or through presentations, be clear, honest, and understandable.


6. I GET THE RESULTS I WANT: Keep your eyes on the progress towards the prize ahead. Stay passionate by keeping in mind the why.

So, now that you have internalized the mantras and have all your inner self aligned, here you can find all the content to put into practice everything learned.