How to make the sexiest Marketing for dummies

Who could be more attractive than a smiling Philippine? Yes, Nobody like Tamara Hombrebueno


Our AIVP Customer Experience for Youth just came back from Inbound 2016, a really cool event for marketers.  

INBOUND "is packed full of amazing speakers, content, and entertainment that aims to educate, inspire and delight the most switched on inbound marketing, sales and services professionals from all around the globe"

So, we as AIESECers, why should we know about this topic? well, because INBOUND's purpose is to provide the inspiration, education, and connections you need to transform our organization. Inbound fuels the passion that drives the most innovative and successful leaders of our time. In order to make the sexiest Inbound marketing in the world, you should keep these tips in mind:

1 People trust recommendations from their friends more than anything else! So are you, yes you, every member of AIESEC shouting about it to your friends. But also you, yes you, are you ensuring that our leadership product will shout for itself? 


2. Analytics and data is everything! As a members how are you using expa for your analytics - share your GCPs in the comments! When you talk with your customers and the students on your campus, what insights do you learn to make AIESEC better?

3. If I like Obama's or Mcdonalds or How to get away with murder's facebook page, what does that say about me? In the same respect, if I like AIESEC's page on facebook - what does it say about me?

4. When people connect/engage with AIESEC, what do they hope our brand says about them? What is your customer’s brand? Ours is secondary. How does our brand empower them?

So it's time to make a viral AIESEC, where we are really accessible to everyone, everywhere. Did I forget to remind you that Inbound outputs can be found HERE?