Global Entrepreneur has helped 11 LCs in AIESEC in Mexico to jump tier and grow. Here's how they did it!

Being able to grow is actually being willing to do so. This was for sure our first challenge as an MC and we had two options either backing up when everything got risky an uncertain or to find solutions, assume the risk and make it happen. This was not an MC decision but the iGET commission decision to continue, tackle the problems and freaking do it. Not for the number, nor the recognition but by knowing that “one brother more” can make the difference this country needs. That’s the sum up of it, hard work and a learn purpose behind it. There is no secret sauce.
— José Pablo Vega, MCP of AIESEC for Mexico 16.17

Global Entrepreneur is a product with its own challenges and obstacles - of course it also comes with a set of learning opportunities. We had a conversation on how AIESEC in Mexico nailed Global Entrepreneur, and create significant growth within the entity. Check it out!

In Mexico we discover that Global Entrepreneur is a product that can help to the development in our country. According to the statistics, the 72% of the employement in Mexico comes from entrepreneruship, and the 75% of the Start-Ups in Mexico don’t survive more than two years because the lack of knowledge and talent in administration, marketing, human resources and finances, so we as AIESEC for Mexico matched Global Entepreneurs and this problem that our country is facing right now, in order to achieve the genuine fairness that we are looking for in Mexico.

The Strategy

The main strategy can be reduced in a sentence: “Purposeful Macroprojects & Smart Partnerships” iGE in Mexico started to grow thanks to a macroproject created with government by AIESEC for Colombia, in which Mexico contributed to the 60% of the realizations. And now, in fish peak, Mexico is hot to go to achieve more than 100 GE in order to “Scale Up” the mexican Start Ups with our new project “Scale Up Mexico”.

The strategy was create partnership that will ensure the supply and demand, we find that the supply can be covered by AIESEC for Colombia, and about demand was covered by the partnerships that we got in our country, making smart parnterships with HUB’s and Coworkings in order to spread the message of our content and project.

The iGT Commission of AIESEC in Mexico. Lookin' tough!

The iGT Commission of AIESEC in Mexico. Lookin' tough!

These kind of projects always have some challenges, the most important is the delivery of the huge amount of trainees in one day, the solution is to have an excellent logistic plan to complete the delivery in the best way, and also the other challenge is the co-delivery and the best way to overcome is to have a ceeder or project manager that will help to realize the project properly. We suggest you to align timelines, Supply & Demand and IPS/OPS agenda between the Entities that are going to deliver the project.

The Timeline

The project was planned in two rounds, and was runned in one and half month (since sales until realizations), but now the new project is going to be in the next way:
- November: Opens & APDs
- December: APDs & RE
- January: RE
- February and March: Complete

The Result

About growth, Mexico in 2016 (until today) has had a relative growth compared with 2015 35% in APDs and 68% in REs and an absolute growth of 72 APDs and 120 REs. The growth helped 11 LCs to jump tier according to our OD Model.

What is next? We as AIESEC for Mexico, believe that we can make a change and achieve a genuine fairness in our country so that’s why we are creating GE macroprojects that helps to face problems that our country is facing (also one of them SDGs aligned) in synergy with the areas of PR and B2B.

If you want to grow disruptively, macroprojects is a perfect strategy that you can take. We strongely suggest you to work with government and HUBs, as they are going to be the key enablers that will help you to make this happen.

Thank you AIESEC in Mexico for sharing your stories! That's not all - they are also sharing the learning materials! Check it out here: