Are you SMART enough?

Everyone has goals- daily goals, career goals, family goals, personal goals and even team goals.

We all have this point we want to get to in different areas of our lives. However, getting there requires taking steps, breaking the big goal into smaller goals and achieving them one step at a time. The question is no longer whether we have or are setting goals, but are we setting "SMART" goals?

Whether you are working as a team or as an individual, you need to know how to be "SMART" in goal setting. Why? Because

People with goals succeed because they know where they are going.
— Earl Nightingale

I would like to re-phrase that as: 

People with SMART goals succeed because they know where they are going.
— Re-phrased


Every organization set goals from time to time. These goals are broken down into units for individual teams within the organization. AIESEC is no different. We love to work in teams and so it is cardinal that team leaders know how to set SMART goals with their members.

But do you know what "SMART" is? The quiz below should tell you.


Whether you answered all the questions correctly or not, the most important thing is we do not want our capability to be in question. Setting goals gives a team and its members a very clear picture of why their contribution to the team matters. 

Demonstrating the true AIESEC kind of SMART depends on whether you digest the information in the guide below.

Disclaimer: It contains more information that might make you super SMART. Eat and digest all of it!