Fearless Growth Hackers: Secret Recipe from AIESEC in Morocco

Last week, AIESEC in Morocco has shown a great significant growth within one week. We asked their MCVP ICX, Tamara Rosales, about the secret recipe - the key fearless things they did that enables them to grow. Let's check it out!

AIESEC in Morocco has grew a lot since last term. One of the main reasons was the change of mindset in the Local level. "Fearless" was one of the stands for the term of 2015. Making each members of our entity trust on their ability of deliver is not just 10 experiences but 50. They quit the mindset of "we can't" stopped making excuses and started creating projects.

As for the new term 16-17 we create 3 drivers:
1. Custumer Centricity: as all we do we need to take care of the costumer (Stakeholders & EP)
2. Brand Exposure: showcasing the projects, to the network and to the community
3. Growth Sustainable: its not just about to grow, but actually how to grow in a healthy way, keep the education of the members and the quality of the projects.

As the last GCP, we can share is to build a brand and align sub-brands for the SDG: "Drive Morocco for a better future" Describe the WHY of iGV in Morocco. We actually want to promote the country not just inside the AIESEC network. As customer you can choose drive the entity to a quality education, economic growth, better health and others.

They quit the mindset of “we can’t” stopped making excuses and started creating projects.

Perhaps, your entity will be next.
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