Classified Files - Do not Enter!


It was marked classified! Why have you clicked on this article?

You don’t know? All right.

You don’t know? All right.

But let me ask you another thing:

If we all like getting to the bottom of secrets, why are we still keeping AIESEC as one of the World's Best Kept Secrets? 

So, in order to break the silence about AIESEC in the world, we have to truly become the advocates of our brand and our movement. And this starts from every single experience.

Luckily, now it is easy with the step by step guideline that you can implement today!

In this booklet you can find the answers how to prepare your Brand Advocacy and how to address your EPs on a proper way.

You can find out how to help EP to create content based on leadership development. And you can learn how to harvest stories from EPs.

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