We create a dynamic and welcoming environment through the active and enthusiastic participation of individuals. We enjoy being involved in AIESEC.

It’s not enough to only know the AIESEC values - values are made to be lived. In this series of articles, we’ll be exploring the six AIESEC values and how we as an organisation and you as an individual can live these values on a daily basis.  

What does it mean to be Enjoying Participation?

Here’s a short test.

  1. Think of the five happiest moments of your week so far.
  2. How many of them were directly related to, or because of AIESEC?

At the core, Enjoying Participation is all about being true to who we are as a youth-run organisation. For sure, this means we are more passionate, have more dreams of the future, more openness to change and ideas, but also most importantly, we like to have fun.

It’s about recognising that although AIESEC helps us learn, it doesn’t mean we have to do this through sitting in long lectures with boring slides. After all, we learn best by doing.

It’s about recognising that although AIESEC is run like a business, it doesn’t mean we have to hate our “bosses”, deadlines, or our work. After all, we are all volunteers, and we’re here for the purpose.

Sometimes in AIESEC we can overcomplicate things and spend too long getting caught in long processes, rigid structures and over-regulation. 

There is a time and place for everything and boundaries exist for a reason. At the same time, as young people we need to recognise that we’re at our best when we are fully engaged, excited, and are given the space to put our passions into action.

Remember - the environment you create around you is the kind of mindset you create for yourself.

If we want to strive towards a state where we can grow disruptively, we need to enable the contribution of more thoughts, talents and skills. It’s about creating flexible, exciting and safe spaces that encourage more active participation from everyone – whether it’s someone who’s been in AIESEC for five years, or the new member who joined two weeks ago.


After all, being a youth-run organisation isn’t just a description; it’s what makes us unique! Traditional ways of managing teams are becoming less effective as the way we engage with people has transformed over the years. This is especially true working with young people (us) who are dealing with other young people (our customers)! Professionalism is important for sure, but don’t forget our core advantage of what its like to be young.

Because another great thing about enjoying what you do? Your happiness is contagious. The people around you – whether they are in AIESEC or not – will be able to tell that you love what you do and that it is bringing out your best self. And they’ll want that piece of happiness too.

What are the things you’re doing to make it fun for yourself or the people around you in your daily AIESEC life? Share your stories of Enjoying Participation below!