Fearless Growth Hackers: Secret Recipe from AIESEC in Slovakia

Here's hear some secret recipes from AIESEC in Slovakia about their growth hacking initiatives!!

1. Ceedership - we recruited an Ambassador of our project EDUCATE Slovakia who traveled to one of our entity partner to promote the project at Career Days and at universities. We are in process of creating a new strategy for Ambassadorship for other entity partners as well. The main point of Ambassadorship will be to select few interns from some entity partners who were on GV in Slovakia last terms and educate them to be Ambassadors in their home-country. The Ambassadors will make a promotion of EDUCATE Slovakia in their cities.

2. Showcasing & Culture of Achievements - we showcase our project via our vision of the project and years of tradition. It´s under patronage of Ministry of Education aligned with SDGs and after feedback from our interns it´s one of the reasons why the project is attractive for them. We also showcase our achievements of preparation of the project - e.g. attached you can find a picture who got approve for the project. Our network has been posting a lot of pictures in internal groups to showcase how the preparation of the project is progressing. In our MC structure we have MCVP B2B who is focusing mainly for marketing of the project for winter peak as for Google Adds as well. 

3. National focus - Last but not least, we have iGV - project EDUCATE Slovakia - as a national focus for winter peak. We put most of our resources and effort for preparation of the project because we believe that we can achieve more if we have a clear focus and common goal as a whole entity. Our goal for winter peak is huge but everyone in our entity believes that it´s possible to achieve. We want to make a big change in Slovakia together during this term and we will do so - because we are One, Proud and Relevant AIESEC in Slovakia". 

One, Proud and Relevant AIESEC in Slovakia