Colombo North LC, AIESEC in Sri Lanka: "Invest more on members, and focus on them more."

We focused on the growth of our members, since we needed a significant number of dedicated members to excel in our prevalent function iGV. We were investing vastly for the R&R function and it was one of the reasons for our motivated membership. We have a centralized Review system which is done one-to-one to the whole membership by the TM VP. This has immensely helped us in terms of the recognition arena of the LC.

We changed the Organizational Structure of the Local committee to have a strong middle manager level. Each exchange function possesses a Manager and a functional supportive team (FST). They have a proper JD and they are well monitored by the VP and LCP. This term for oGV, we have more focused on our own University students and the existing AIESEC member base. Colombo North (CN) already has an enormous number of signups from CN membership and they are to be realized in the winter peak. We also do have a separate manager only to handle our EEs, where the manager herself is also from an EE. Furthermore, we have partnered up with LCs and we are promoting them since they are more convenient for most of our EPs. The biggest Challenge which we faced was iGT Visa issue. For 3 months we couldn’t do any operations in iGT function, thus we had to come up with a plan to keep the member base active. As a solution, we made all the iGT members work in one event i.e. Youth Surge (It is similar to Youth Speak Forum) where corporate personalities meet the Youth of our university. CN proudly owns the effectiveness of that decision taken to boost the motivation of the iGT members, since the members were highly motivated as a result of organizing the event. Ultimately, the visa problem was solved and we are back in action again.

Colombo North LC Team, AIESEC in Sri Lanka

Colombo North LC Team, AIESEC in Sri Lanka

For many years CN didn’t have a BD Culture and we were strongly depending on the Admin fee from iGV function financially. The strategy we used was raising partners (enablers) to have zero TN fee projects. We have become successful in that arena and within a few months, we have realized more than 20 Zero TN fee opportunities. We used the same consistent templates for the promotional materials and project proposals, which were monitored by the LCVP BD. Training sessions were conducted by LCVPs and MCVPs and we managed to have a quick response rate in terms of company raising.

We invested and launched a Website, blog and promotional videos this term and it was a gigantic strategy which we used to attract more EPs to CN. We also invested on an LC office which is of greater use, and a few inventories, which has made all the operations easy and professional. Moreover, we invested on TL trainings and Manager level trainings. Our focus programs are oGV and oGT functions for the winter and CN is eager to grow disruptively in that arena. For other entities also you can do the same as us. Invest more on members and focus on them more. It will lead to a Successful Year.

Invest more on members and focus on them more.
— Dhaniru Dissanayake, LCP of Colombo North LC