Complications and reluctance is everywhere and will remain forever, how do we overcome and make things happen is the real game changer
— Ghazain Yousuf, MCP.

From the start of the term we have gone through change management process as we realized that customer centricity is the key towards AIESEC in Pakistan providing leadership experiences to young people.  Here is small review how we did it:

STEP ONE: Adapting to the first new customer flow

Challenge: Changing the financial model.

Solution: The first step taken was aligning our financial model which ensured that our Eps pay once approved. Local Committees had genuine concerns with regards to sustainability of the entity, but the point taken across was that to be a customer centric Organisation, you need to charge the customers once the service is rendered

STEP TWO: Automating the customer flow

Challenge: Lead Generation and Conversion automation

Solution: We started focused national campaigns promoting the value in our content and directing our customers straight to YOP. We have an automated nurturing system through GetResponse though we are working daily to make it better alongside landing pages, none the less this is a huge assistance for oGV. We are currently in the process of adding up on this flow for all our programs with the goal to fully automate the consideration phase. Besides that, we are in our final stage to restructure our website to create a simple digital experience for our customers and making them able to sign up on YOP in less in then 4 clicks

Is it the best for our entity, if not now then when” was one of the many questions that were revolving in our minds during devising strategies in order for us to be aligned to customer flows. Whether it was working at 20% or aspiring and reaching 50% it was not an easy task, from challenges to resilience in mindset was just a small bit of it. Our MC’s “Get it done” attitude and logical arguments encouraged the entity towards customer centricity making us 50% customer flow aligned now near to 100% alignment. All this was done in order to provide better leadership experiences to the leaders of tomorrow.
— AIESEC in Pakistan

STEP THREE: Working for Value Delivery

The most important and last part of customer flows is value delivery. From the start of the term we had this vision to treat our customer as part of our Organization but not as a mere number in our spreadsheets. Our capable ECB team, along with the MC is making sure that every EP is prone to 16 SnS through various trackers.

Having plenty of opportunities, an ICX audit was initiated which took nearly 2 months to ensure that all these opportunities meet the guidelines set. An audit document was made which criteria had based on the ICX guidelines, SDG alignment, SnS alignment and LEAD. Our team made sure that it is carried out, strategies similar to co creation and co delivery were also used for NGO partners and other corporates. Local Committees were resilient initially since from Job descriptions to Promotional material everything had to be changed along with perspectives, but when they realized the importance, it wasn’t very difficult to carry it out.

the people.jpg

Getting to this stage was challenging and there is always room of improvement. To achieve complete 100% customer flows first, we will work on mapping our customer experiences to make sure that LEAD delivery is based on LDA, along with MCVP TM we will be creating LEAD guidelines and framework for our Eps. We will be merging all local fan pages in order on have one national fan page to make our campaigns are more smooth consisting valuable content and providing simple digital experience.

The journey towards Customer flow Implementation started at the beginning of our term, as we clearly realized that the only way to drive our entity towards better leadership experiences is to be as much customer centric as we can. To ensure that we are 100% Customer flow aligned, we are constantly challenging our operations and asking ourselves, how can we make 100% customer flow implantation happen. We have embraced the changes and every day we are becoming closer to 100%, but what we know for sure is that to be customer centric; evolving our customer flow is just one of many steps.