google: "it's okay to bring your dog to work"

This is Mickeey.

He manages your Google drive.

He manages your Google drive.

work meets Meaning

Rated by Business Insider as the "2nd Best Company to  Work in 2016," Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. 

Employees have free access to a great number of benefits including, but not limited to, free Wi-Fi-enabled shuttles to and from work, free healthy meals, laundry and fitness facilities.

And oh yes! you can bring your dog to work. The Fortune 500 company is known to be a dog company  because of its dog-friendly environment. 

With a preference for coaching over managing, Google provides a strong support system that ensures employee's personal goals and ambitions resonates well with its mission. New employees are usually given a warm welcome on their first day at work. Its open and flat workplace creates room interactions between employees, fostering exchange of ideas. 

How does AIESEC connect to this? 

Remember our what?

we want challenging and meaningful experiences- enter JD Execution


We want our EP's experience to be challenging and practical, but meaningful too. We hope to achieve this through our Standards and Satisfactions. Placing emphasis on the Job cluster - standards four (4), five(5), six(6), seven(7), and eight(8) - we desire to deliver experiences that are challenging and meaningful. This will foster transmission from outer journey to inner journey.

Individual responsibilities and goals; challenging role and environment; interaction with multiple stakeholders and an effective support system are what makes a meaningful job for our EPs and also delivers a satisfactory AIESEC experience.

Should we allow our EPs take their canine friends to work? Well that's a conversation you should have with their enablers.