"I was an AIESECer"- Thomas Edison

Huh?, and from which entity 

AIESEC was not even founded then, but We know he was Solution Oriented, literally.

Thomas Edison is known to be one of the greatest inventors ever. Without reading his story, one would think he had it all going for him. Well, below are facts about his life, you might not have come across.

  1.  He had no formal education.
  2. He was deemed unteachable due to his hyperactive nature
  3. He was partially deaf as an adult.
  4. Not all of his inventions were successful, in fact he had more fruitless experiments than successful ones.
  5. He came from a poor background.

The Inferno: Classic example of Uncertainty!

 In December, 1914, Thomas Edison's film plant caught fire. It was an inferno that erased years of effort and work. Attempts at putting it out by fire fighters from eight surrounding towns proved abortive

Thomas Edison sent out word to several of his friends and family members. Do you know what he told them? 

get down here quick ... you may never have another chance to see anything like this again
— Thomas Edison

Put yourself in his shoes and questions like these may come up:

Where will I start from? What am I going to do? What will  become of me? I think I am going to quit? what will happen to the money I have invested? And all sorts of negative thoughts

However, Thomas Edison had a simple answer to these questions:

We are rebuilding
— Thomas Edison

Always Look at the Brighter Side

Many of us have and will be in similar situations, but always remember that within every uncertainty is the seed of greatness. We have countless other stories of men and women who chose to cultivate a positive mindset despite the challenges in their lives. Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, you name them, you know them, they are humans...just...like you. 

Defining Element: Transmitting Positivity through Uncertainty

The defining elements are those behavioral manifestations that allows us to measure if the leadership quality of the LDM is manifested as intended in the leaders that are developed through an experience with AIESEC.  

One of the defining elements for being Solution Oriented, a leadership quality, is transmitting positivity through uncertainty.

AIESEC wants every young person that goes through a life-changing experience to live this defining element. 

Hence, it is our duty to guide them through their experience to develop this LDM quality and element, using LEAD as a catalyst.

The world has not seen anything yet; greater Thomas Edisons are emerging from AIESEC

Next time You are Faced with Uncertainty, Listen to Nick!

Never, never, never give up!
— Winston Churchill