19th Oct. Might not be the last presidential debate


So While We are Expecting the Virtual Debate

You see, this is the beauty of technology. We don't always have to all be in one place physically to make things work. 

We can cook together-virtually

We can sing together- virtually

We can dance together- virtually

We can attend a conference- virtually

And even Donald Trump can debate with Hilary Clinton-virtually

Some Facts

A recent survey by uSamp asked 1000 business professionals to share their opinion and experiences with remote work stations. The study included members of all levels of corporate decision maker’s structure and all types of industries from technical to retail.

Out of many findings, it was discovered that:.

...large companies offered the greatest chance to work remotely with 69% allowing remote work stations and 31% keeping their employees all in house
— uSamp Report

Whatsapp or Skype?

Whichever channel we use, what matters is that we communicate effectively to the other party.  We can leverage on this to also create and build trust between our audience. Businessess today leverage on this to connect with their customers

AIESEC can also capitalize on it. This is where Virtual Delivery comes in. 

We can start connecting with our customers, EPs, right from when they are approved. 

Have a Skype call; Have a Whatsapp chat; Have a Facebook chat, but do it the right way.