Because AIESEC in UK is killing it, that's why!

AIESEC in UK team just made it to 50% in Customer Flow implementation! We had the pleasure to ask Mae, MCVP Marketing of AIESEC in UK 16/17, a few questions about how they did it. Hint: Marketing!

Introduced in September 2015, our new website was a joint focus of two MC teams where different stakeholders, from members, VPs, LCPs to Board of Directors, were allowed to feedback on the page design and layout. Its interface provided a much clearer value proposition of AIESEC to UK youth, particularly since we exist in a competitive marketplace here; in January 2016, our web sign-up was streamlined to integrate YOP. LCs were communicated that digital optimisation was a focus throughout these months, so the change was quickly integrated in each LC's promotional strategy thus no double registration for customers. A major challenge was in adding the tools for online payments and lead nurturing when transitioning to payment-on-match thus an MCVP DXP was introduced in February 2016.

In the 2016/17 term, our focus has been in centralising our social media platforms so there can be better and more effective Facebook content whilst also an increase of website access to reach YOP quicker. We began the strategy to merge Facebook pages and update local pages on the website in July 2016, then completed in September 2016. In year-on-year growth, our website hits have increased by 11% whilst our FB reach has increased by 55%.

Following that, the B2C corner focused on agile implementation on GetResponse, creating strategy and launching implementation within a month. We first strategised by mapping out who were the key actors involved and made sure there were no overlaps between AI Digital, MC Digital and LC Physical. As an MC, we focused on digital optimisation so LCs could uniquely focus on offering customer-centric service physically. Moreover, LCs can focus on delivering the most value than 'rushing' to funnel customers through each stage. Email automations also enable clear information to the customer at all times, than manually repeating the same information to different customers. We are looking to agile reiterations in analysing the success of our GetResponse workflows and automation content.