Raluca's internship with the support of Prysmian Group

Do you remember Raluca? She was an AIESEC intern, in Santarém, Brazil, with the support of Prysmian Group, AIESEC International's new partner!

You can see some of her internship here: https://www.facebook.com/AIESECIntlTeam/posts/1020233444756103?match=cHJ5c21pYW4%3D

Raluca's project ended and she gave some inspiration and results-driven words for us!

"Talking about results and a visible impact in a six-week program is like planting a tree from a seed and expect to see the fruits from the next month. Of course, you see your seed sprouting but you need to be aware that it needs constant care and resources in order to grow and reach its full potential. 

As a young graduate, this is by far the most satisfying teaching experience by now: watching a small seed called “awareness” sprouting in my class; seeing adolescents waking up in the morning and coming to school to finish their activity, out of their schedule or kids running to you and expressing their will to “travel the world” just because they had a meaningful contact with an international. 

For this, and for all the mind-opening experiences I had in Brazil, I thank Prysmian, for giving me the chance to participate in this life-learning experience and being a real support throughout the process and for supporting young passionate students to fulfill their wishes"