Fearless Growth Hackers: Secret Recipe from AIESEC in Venezuela

AIESEC in Venezuela has been growing massively in OGV during this term! Our focus has been set in two main directions: Product Packaging and Culture in the Network.

1. Product Packaging: we built strong international relations with a key entity partner: AIESEC in Colombia. The IR strategy includes key milestones, an aligned country brand for mutual positioning and a clear purpose to drive the partnership. We ensured to connect LCs for LC2LC partnerships and aligned our EP attraction strategies directly to Colombia's projects with exact dates in order to improve conversion rates and expectations settings. Furthermore, the product packaging includes specific benefits and pricing for the EPs (transpiration tickets, insurance, etc) in order to make the product accesible for them despite the financial difficulties being faced in our country. The projects are aligned to the EPs needs, and when they perceive that the benefits to go are bigger than they excuses to stay, they take the challenge to go on exchange even in off-peak seasons!

2. Culture in the Network: First of all we changed the management methodologies in the CRM, stating clear tracking and communication standards for the EPs in each stage of the Customer Flow and driving a work routine that ensures we are agile and professional. We created standardized materials to be used by the LCs in different stages, allowing them to be 100% focused in implementation and execution.

In parallel, we've been building a mindset of ambition that has stuck in the network: once they saw results are possible if we put ourselves to work (for example, when we reached 79% of the OGV RE Goal in Q3 which represents 78% growth, and 69% of the Approvals goals which represents 107% growth), they've become hungry for more; for example, the RE goal of October was achieved in 11 days, and the Approvals goal which was 70 was raised to 100 to cover previous gaps (by the network themselves, not by the MC!)

All in all, we are extremely proud of how things are going. We realized the power to make things happen is within us, and not even hard external circumstances (as is the case in Venezuela) can stop us from achieving if we set our minds to it and get the work done.

Now we are gradually improving even further the OGV+MKT synergy and designing other back-office strategies to support Operational Growth, because we have an ambitious goal for 16.17 and we are not afraid to go for it!