Fearless Growth Hackers: Secret Recipe from AIESEC in Romania

Hello to a great start of October!

Last week, AIESEC in Romania has shown a great significant growth within one week. We asked their MCVP IGV, Larisa Pop, about the secret recipe - the key fearless things they did that enables them to grow. Let's check it out!

Why Breakthrough?

All of us have the mindset that “decrease is not an option, and AIESEC in Romania showed this year that we have the potential to grow exponentially, but this is not the limit. We can grow even more and this is why what we wish this year is a breakthrough mindset.

Why "Step Up the Game"?

In the same time, we don’t want to change drastically things, but to continue to work on what was already build by many generations before us. What we need is to improve the things we are doing and bring AIESEC to the next level.

Therefore, for the term 16-17 we chose IGV as focus program #1 and the directions we are going towards are the following:

1) Network Management: Having internal campaigns to emphasize the focuses of that specific month. For example, for September and October we have the "Approval Season" in which each week we provide statistics of the top LCs in the country. More than this, the touchpoints with the network is very constant and the members are engaged and connected with the vision of IGV for this year:"Impact Romania with 1250 IGV Experiences".

2) Social Projects' Upscaling: Starting with last year, we created 3 national projects which are implemented at LC level. They are inter-connected and all of them are aligned with SDG #4. You can find out more about our projects, the social business model that we have used and the implementation booklets here. Having clear strategies and timelines, it is very simple for us to track and upscale the implementation of the projects at local levels, having National Project Managers(NST Positions) which coordinate all the Local Project Managers. From the national level, we are focusing on strong synergies between IGV, PR and BD. Hence, we just signed a partnership with the Ministry of Education for one of our projects and we are starting national sales in order to bring more visibility of the projects in the country.

3) Value Delivery: We believe that Value Delivery is the most important part in the customer flow. That is why we are focusing on creating clear tracking systems for the implementation of S&S, engaging the EPs virtually right after they got approved, having EP Buddies which have clear JDs of guiding the EPs in having Inner & Outer Journey, having 3 LEAD sessions (beginning, mid and end LEAD) and also Cultural Agendas in each LC (extra things that we organize for our EPs: karaoke nights, fieldtrips, cooking nights, TV appearances, etc.)

With these being said, the IGV Engines from AIESEC in Romania work really hard in achieving their goals because they believe in the power of the product in the leadership development of each EP they have with each peak, as well as impacting their local communities.

We treat EPs as humans, not as numbers on a spreadsheet, caring equally for all of them.

Perhaps your entity will be next to be here! Be FEARLESS!