Apply for CX Challenge 3.0! #makeAIESECcomplete

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Welcome - long time no see!

After some time we're back with a new, revamped CX Challenge 3.0. You can look forward to being challenged from all possible perspectives on the way to become a truly customer-obsessed entity. Wish you all the best and looking forward to see your progress!

Application deadline: Monday - September 11th, 2017 23:59 GMT+2

The latest resources for Customer Flow Implementation!

Did you know, we now have 31 entities at 100% Customer Flow Implementation?! Amazing!

Find out how they did it! Below you'll find the resources to learn the steps they took so your entity too can reach 100% and be fully customer-centric for youth!

Good luck in getting to 100%! Remember you can always track your progress at the Customer Flow Live Dashboard!

Today is the day that will change AIESEC forever.

Good Morning AIESECers,

Yes. It's true. The biggest change to happen to AIESEC. It's happening today. 

I know, you've heard this before. It seems like every new thing in AIESEC these days is the "Next Big Thing" 

I don't know about you, but when I was a member, I always used to ask my LCP..

"Ok I understand that AIESEC develops leadership but how by doing exchange do we do that?"


That was her face, and then she would explain it again and again and again. Until she got through to me. But I suppose the reason why I couldn't understand it so clearly is because of the fact that no matter what she said, we weren't measuring it!

We weren't measuring:

  • How AIESEC develops leadership
  • How many leadership experiences we are providing
  • and how successful was each leadership experience

Sure. We were measuring number of exchanges. But for me.. it just wasn't enough.

That's why today is the day that changes AIESEC, forever

Because today is the day AIESEC officially starts using COMPLETED

What does that mean?

A Completed experience is:

  • a Realised exchange experience
  • That has finished his/her exchange experience
  • And fulfilled at least 14/16 of the Standards
  • Only the standards that are highlighted (8,9,12,13) are the standards that can be missed.
Every other standards is 100% compulsory

and that means that your EPs and customers are asked in the system if they recieved a COMPLETE AIESEC leadership development experience from you.

That's right! and we know we know

Change is not easy

Change is not easy

That's why we have a shit ton of resources for you.. starting with today's LIVE MoS Launch from the AIESEC International office!

click to attend!

click to attend!

Can't wait to see you there!

AIESEC Top Writers Challenge


Do you read Buzzfeed? Upworthy? Frequently visit blogs that either inspire you, challenge you, make you laugh or cry? Well, imagine how cool would it be if AIESEC had a blog that has constant, unique, engaging content about leadership for youth. Well, we want to do exactly that. Create an online community among young individuals with a common interest of leadership. The challenge is, we need stories to come from YOU, your entity, your customers. Youth want to hear YOUR stories. YOU are crucial in building this blog, and this community! 

AIESEC is launching a challenge, looking for the top 10 Writers in the network who can tell the best stories of what we do! We will then be publishing the qualifying stories on our new blog to be launched SOON!

The top contributing individuals & top contributing national entity will be rewarded at IC 2017, Colombia!


How big is the impact we are creating?

Have your MCVPs, LCVPs and iGV Project Team leaders fill the survey in the following link:

For the PwC Global Volunteer Fund we intend to select 30-40 project across the different region and SDGs from the whole network that the 10 participants can choose from.
The projects will be highlighted in a showcasing campaign, which will be running from July to September on AIESEC International's official channels, as well as in the final impact report which will be launched and promoted in fall.

We also want to use this information in a research project the Asian Development Bank and AIESEC are doing, to figure out the question "What is the impact a young person can have on the SDGs and what influences this impact?"

We are looking for projects with a strong impact footprint to demonstrate AIESEC's contribution to the SDGs.

Make your iGV project shine!

The global impact research is moving forward! We have now 234 data inputs collected from piloting entities so far!

You are not a pilot? No problem! You can also contribute as an LC VP iGV? Fill in the short survey here:

Further, we intend to select 30-40 projects across different regions for the PwC Global Volunteer Fund that the 10 participants can choose from. We are looking for projects with high impact footprint to demonstrate AIESEC's contribution towards SDGs. By filling in the survey, your project can be in the spotlight!