Finance Standard # 6: sustainability

To ensure sustainability of the organization while maintaining healthy and effective programs.

This standard describe how healthy and sustainable prorams or entities look like based on financial indicators.



> MC+LC Sustainability level 1

Each X program and BD operations fulfill following requirement:

(Direct revenues of LCs&MC - direct costs LCs&MC) > 0 EUR

> LC sustainability level 2

Each X program and BD oprerations in LC fulfill following requirement: 

(Sustainability level 1 of LC - (conferences and meeting costs of LC * of members in the area in the LC) > 0 EUR
             members in the area in the LC = number of members in the area/total number of members


> MC+LC sustainability level 3

Total revenues of  LCs&MC - Total costs of  LCs&MC > 0 EUR

> Months of Finance Reserves (MoFR)

Evaluate your financial sustainability according following formula:

MoFR <=0  - Critical financial situation
0 < MoFR < 3 - Dangerous situation
3 < MoFR < 6 - High risk
6 = MoFR - Optimal situation
6 < MoFR - Unnecessary reserves 

      Months of Finance reserves = Current equity/Average costs of 12 previous months

> Liquidity

Every quarter check your liquidity, the optimal values are mentioned below:

Cash (bank account + petty cash) / Short term liabilities =>1
(Cash + short term liabilities) / Short term liabilities >1,3 (shouldn't be higher than
Current assets/Liabilities

> Debt ratios

Every quarter check your liquidity, the optimal values are mentioned below:

Liabilities (short-term &long/term] / Current assets <1

Liabilities / Own equity < 3

Equity >0


Is your entity healthy? 

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Role of financier

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Synergy with operations

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Sustainability awards IC 2016

Time to appreciate entities striving for sustainability is here. Learn from applications how you can contribute to the achievement of this goal in your entity!

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Team Standards for Financiers


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Conference sustainability


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Grow from operations


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Long-term financial planning


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