Finance Standard # 4: Budgeting

Budgeting makes sure we can sustainably achieve our plans, and keeps us accountable. Because without budget you are like a pilot in dark.

This standard helps you with how your budget and budgeting process should look like.


> All MC and LC budget is created for each 1 year/term with monthly structure.

> Structure of costs and revenues is aligned with AIESEC international Profit and loss statement.

> Exchange goals are translated into budget as income targets.

*Underestimate your revenue, don't take 100% rate of fulfillment on them

> Budget is approved by Board* of LC/MC before the beginning of the term.

*Board are people legally responsible for the entity.

>  Budget is updated at least once per month.

There is a monthly closing for the execution of Incomes and Expenses.

>  Replanning of the budget is done every quarter (MCs) and every semester (LCs)

This is to ensure that if incomes are not being met then the expenses are also cut to ensure we don't run into a loss.

> Every project with a turnover more than 50% of budget (such a conferences etc) has a separate budget and is controlled as such

> LCs' and MC's budgets are planned in profit.

> National pricing model (all LCs in the same entity have the same prices for the same services).

> New Customer Flow is implemented.

> Calculation of MC Affiliation fee is reviewed every year


Budget template

Are you looking for a standardised budget template, which will allow you to track everything you need? Use our template! It is aligned with the structure of GFB survey, so you won't have any problems with filling it. Standardisation of tools allow us to simplify the education and lower the time for search for help.

Cash-flow management

The second most important thing after having your budget is to have a cash-flow predictions and tracking tool. Statistics have proven that this is the most stressful thing in being VPF in AIESEC. 

Pricing strategy

Are we cheap or expensive? Do we charge to much or too little? Why our price is relevant for our customer? These materials will help you to answer these questions and guide you through pricing assessment for your entity. 

Finance model

Very discussed topic - Financial Model. How to create the right one for your entity? What is it about? 

Distributional model

Do you want to discover what are the different options how to share costs for MC services? Which rules should you keep in mind? This and more is in following materials!



Are you looking for financial support for your MC members or large exchange projects? Check if you can get financial resources for European Union!

New Customer Flow

What is role of VPF in the implementation process of New Customer Flow? Where are you the most important? What does it require from you? Check in which steps of the checklist you are needed!


Discover power of cooperation with foundation, government and other purposeful organizations. Fundraising is win-win cooperation, but it is not easy to manage. 
Remember that grants are not sustainable resource of financing your operations, but can help you to kick of them. In the long run all your products need to sustainable by them self. 

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Double charging iGV

Do you have unsustainable iGV? Do you charge your EPs incoming fee? Then you definitely have to read this!

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10 Steps of annual budget checking

Checklist not only for VPFs, but also for presidents and whole network will help you to evaluate your budgeting process. These 10 steps might the missing thing to implement in order to reach 100% fulfillment of budgeting standard.