Finance Standard # 3: Reporting

Reporting is a tracking tool for evaluating our financial situation, keep our organisation accountable, ensure it is operating legally. Reporting is the basis of being transparent of how the organisation is using its resources.

This standard helps you with how your reports and reporting process should look like.



> Monthly Reporting of executed Budget (For Incomes and Expenses)

- LC reports to MC monthly.
- LC VP F report to LC EB monthly about the LC financial situation.
- There is Monthly Reporting to MC on Budget execution (for incomes and expenses)

> Reporting process to Plenary of Budget

- LCEB reports to local membership (local plenary) at least every quarter.
- MC reports to national plenary at least every quarter.
- Entity fills the GFB Survey (with MC and LC data) the consolidated report.
- Every report should be storage at least for 5 years.

> All reports includes structure o AIESEC international financial statements:

All the costs and revenues will be divided on internal and external to ensure that we can consolidate data!

> Storing of the reports

All reports should be stored for at least 5 years


Guidelines for LC reporting

Does your entity has problems with fulfillment of reporting standard? Then definitely, check these guidelines and LC reporting tool


GFB Consolidated report

Do you want to use the GFB survey template for accessing the current state in your entity? Do you want to consolidate financial results of your LCs and you are looking for a tool? Then, check our template!

Guidelines for filling GFB survey

Do you have a tough time with filling the GFB survey? Don't you know what different costs and revenues categories means? This guideline is written directly for you!

Basics of reporting

There are some basic rules which you need to know while making your reports. The ppt with more information will come soon!