It is a mid-term ambition as a milestone towards the achievement of AIESEC’s mission of Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential

We wanted to create a mid-term ambition that shows us a clear strategic direction with measurable progress, challenges AIESEC, refreshes the ambition and excitement in the organization, and aligns what we do with the worlds needs.


AIESEC 2020 Ambition: The Statements which answer what we want AIESEC to become by 2020.

AIESEC 2020 Strategy: A roadmap that tell us how to get there, including the strategies, strategy blocks and projects per strategy for every year towards 2020, as well as a whole new roadmap planning and implementation logic.

AIESEC 2020 Goal Setting: Clarity on the goal setting logic and redefined measure of success for the organizations so we understand if we're being successful, know our targets and can measure our impact.

What happened at IC 2015?

At International Congress 2015, India, 800 delegates came together to co-create the AIESEC 2020 ambition statements for the next 5 generations. AIESECers from all over the world came together to dream about a bigger and better AIESEC on behalf of their entities and answer the power question: What do we want AIESEC to become by 2020 in order to move closer to engaging and developing every young person in the world? Online delegates followed the process live to share their insights and contribute to the ambition statements creation.


To answer this question, we went through a journey of 3 steps and we lived this experience in tribes of 80 people, hosted by AIESEC International and a 2020 process design:

  1. Reviewed the past
  2. Focused on the present
  3. Dreamed our ideal future and came to common ground

The Powerful Question

To assure that the process works, we need to have a question that will drive the journey of co-creation and ensure that we don’t lose sight of the AIESEC way - the essence of AIESEC.

The Powerful Question:

What do we want AIESEC to become by 2020 in order to move closer to engaging and developing every young person in the world?

The Method Used

To answer the powerful question we used the Future Search method adapted to the AIESEC reality. The purpose of the process was to provide outcomes that were used for crafting 2020 statements.

Why Future Search?

  • Focused on common ground between diverse people and opinions
  • Allows one to explore the big picture before making decision
  • Takes into account not only strengths, but also improvements of the current organizational context
  • Allows one to put external trends into the discussion
  • No “deep” preparation needed from the delegates


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Frequently asked questions:

We understand that there a lot of questions to be answered. Below are some frequently asked questions, we hope they help. 

QShould we make our own 2020 statements and why is it not recommended to create a local or entity 2020 statements?

AIESEC 2020 was created with the aim to unite the entire AIESEC network in ambition and direction and provide laser-like focus for the network as a whole. The 2020 statements themselves were formed as a result of a comprehensive bottom-up process with representation from the entire network. Hence, we suggest for all entities to use the AIESEC 2020 statements and align its meaning for the entity instead of creating separate ones. The way to customize it to each reality is with the roadmap, which will allow each entity to implement the 2020 strategies and project that are most relevant to its reality.

Q: What does each statement exactly mean?

At IC 2015, we gathered all the dreams of the delegates and put them into simple words. We engaged everyone willing to contribute in the description of the statements in order to ensure everyone understands each statement similarly. This process was happening virtually and physically after IC and the final consolidation was done by the 2020 process design team in November 2015.

Q:Why are the statements so short/general?

The 2020 statements represent the dreams and ambition of the network and not the strategy towards getting here. We also wanted statements that could be remembered easily and that’s why we focused on simplicity: the short and straightforward statement, laser-focused. We also didn’t want to box the organization through the statements and chose to balance between focused yet general statements.

People behind the process.

People behind the process.