Design for Impact

Do you want to create, measure, and report upon the impact of your projects on the SDGs? Then you are in the right place! Here, you can find all the necessary information about how to design your projects for impact. 


Elements of Design for impact

The Design for Impact consists of basic elements as Output, Outcome, Activity, Milestone, etc.  In order for us to design our project for impact we need to understand those elements. If you are not sure what are the elements and what not, check the booklet about the elements here. Also make sure, you go through the SDG Checklist!

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Design for Impact

The following material will help you to go through the Design for Impact step by step while creating new projects or aligning your projects with the SDGs. You will find all the parts of the process and how to go through them to make your projects more impactful.

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How do I measure the impact?

For monitoring and evlauating of your GV project you'll need to have designed it for impact. Find guidelines, templates and most importantly: Our youth indicators right here.

Curious about the MoI Pilots?

Find the complete MoI Pilot Project Folder here for Guidelines on how to implement MoI in your entity.