Product Boot Camp 2017


The Product Boot Camp 2017 was an initiative bringing together 10 entities from around the globe to do a deep-dive to tackle the current state of each of our ELD Products. In order to Improve ELD in term 1718, it's important to know where they are at currently, define the main challenges, and most importantly be able to create strategies that will lead to growth! You will find Level Up Guides per product below and strategies you can implement in your entities now!

Before reading through, make sure you know the basics first...which you can find below!



Below are Level Up Guides which breaks down everything for our ELD products - from SWOT to Product Life Cycle to Customer Interviews to hard facts and data to support you and your entity to grow and ultimately level up this product!

ELD Strategies


We've defined some key strategies per product that you can review. If it fits for YOUR reality and needs, have a look and get going!


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Steering Team Output, May 2016 is Here

About a week ago, the newly selected steering team came together at the Global Office to understand, discuss and decide on a few things for the organization. It's important that you take some time to sit, read and understand the output so you're up to date with what's going.

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